Bakhroosh Saad Company

Bakhroush Saad & Partners Trading and Contracting Company was established more than a decade ago as an extension and development of the Bin Bakhroush Corporation by the businessman Bakhroush Ibn Saad Al Bakhroush, where he put four decades of experience in the field of trade, industry and contracting to serve the company and its clients. Today, Bakhroosh Saad Company operates Its partners for trading and contracting in several fields, including infrastructure and network construction projects, various construction, industrial and commercial projects, mining and export, the company also has obtained many credits from official bodies, prominent clients and pioneering companies due to its successes in the planning aspects. Implementation, quality, development and sustainability, Bakhroush Company has taken a policy of quality and perfection that tells all its details and is embodied in all its services and products.