Our products

ready-mix concrete products

Ready-mix concrete products have earned us the confidence of the largest institutions, national authorities and all our customers, based on our full belief in Bakhroush Company to provide the finest products and services with the highest human cadres, equipment and engineering machinery that conform to the specifications of the Saudi Engineering Building Code

Block, brick and building materials products

We are interested in the block industry in all aspects of work and industry, from the selection of raw materials, cement, water, sand, gravel or mountain gravel, which consists of basalt rock, or granite. Producing an ideal range of types of blocks and bricks to serve our customers, here are some tips that you must consider when ordering a block, make sure that there is enough space in the building or around the building to download the required quantity, also make sure of the quality of the road leading to the building to facilitate access, always make sure to order quantities Enough to avoid interruption of your construction work.

Asphalt products, paver and levelers

We work in Bakhroosh Company based on our expertise in every step we take in the processes of asphalt production, paving and leveling, we use the latest equipment in manufacturing and work, to be trustworthy for our dear country and our company’s customers. Our services, asphalt mainly consists of bitumen, gravel, sand, filler and improved materials developed. Our cadres work on speed of production accompanied by accuracy, and we offer a number of approved engineering designs for asphalt concrete mixtures – Marshall Asphalt Concrete – Super Pave Asphalt Concrete – Porous Asphalt.


building materials

We at Bakhroosh Company are in the process of everything that is developed and keeping pace with the new in the world of construction, so we offer the finest construction products, we will be there for you in various required fields, we support you with the latest methods, the most skilled cadres and the finest products, from quarries of building materials with laboratory tests in the event of approval of raw materials and supply to customers , companies, institutions and individuals.

Silica products for industrial purposes

In Bakhroosh Company, we offer silica raw products, which are always in the process of excellence and development. We use the latest production lines and work methods in its manufacture, to reach huge productivity and unprecedented quality that meets the demand for the glass industry, and the processing of golf courses, beaches, Olympic stadium floors, and tourism projects with beach areas , and advanced industries and shunt. Towards a product that lasts with superior quality, a tangible reality that you will live every time you decide to give the confidence of dealing with us.