privacy policy

1st: what data is kept?

  • User information: 
  • customer name
  • email address
  • contact number.
  • The user’s personal login information
  • user name 
  • password, email
  • the security question
  • response for password recovery.

Due to the nature of the electronic platform, certain cookie-related information may be imposed in order to facilitate user engagement with the business and improve the level of customer service.

2nd: Are these data shared?

Naturally, the company keeps this data in order to enhance the level of service offered and make interactions with the user easier. The administrators of the company typically share the data to oversee quality and deliver the required services while still protecting users’ privacy.

3rd: What level of security is there for the site's information's confidentiality?

The privacy policy and the confidentiality of information have drawn a lot of attention. However, since this cannot be 100% guaranteed over the Internet, the Company disclaims all responsibility for the results of any loss or disclosure of information, noting that the information requested by the site will not include, for example, bank accounts or confidential numbers and the like of information that may be highly sensitive, as this site is a form of communication with the company’s clients and the presentation of services and products in a distinguishable manner.